How Tunisia Changed My Life

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It’s funny, how we humans try to prepare ourselves mentally for a monumental moment in our life, we envision the moment a million times genuinely believing that, that’s the way it will occur, and then when we truly think we’ve actually succeeded at it, the life-altering moment comes and you realize that no amount of preparation could have prepared us for it, The moment when your dream becomes a reality. The feeling is indescribable; it sweeps you off your feet and knocks the wind out of you. You suddenly feel hopeless not knowing what to do or say, all those times you relied on your mind to save you are gone, because in that moment, your mind is as in awe as you are. This was the feeling I felt when I stepped of the plane, in Tunisia
It all happened on June 16th 2012, the trip that changed my life forever. Let’s rewind a little, ever since I was 10 years old I dreamed of embarking on a trip half away across the world, where I would find myself immersed in the culture and engulfed by the traditions. I often dreamed of finding my true self among the ruins and the shores. I wanted to be high upon the mountains looking down onto the land hoping, praying, that I would find my calling in the world. I yearned to become one not only with the people but also with myself. I envisaged the day where I would become a part of the country physically, and emotionally. My dream finally came true on a fateful day in June, when I stepped foot onto my true home, Tunisia.
Questions flooded my

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