How Parental Divorce Affects A Young Person Essay

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I will be focussing on how parental divorce affects a young person aged fifteen to sixteen, I will also be looking at the things that can be done in order to make it as easy as it can be; as divorce is not an easy thing for anyone to go through. My two key issues will be the effects of the transition and the emotional support needed to make it easier. Divorce has many different effects, among the effects is the possibility of having to move away/ leave friends, having to make new starts, choice of who and where they are going to live with as well as effects on school work, attendance and exams; there are also the effects on their well-being as some feel like their whole life is being torn apart in front of their eyes.
“Every year, over 1 million children under age 18 are involved in a divorce.” -(
Effects may vary as no-one reacts to news the same way, young people can sometimes feel confused because they were unaware of what was happening around them however it can go the other way with young people becoming very emotional unsure how to process the news; some can even jeopardize their well-being but are not even aware they are doing it. School can be affected because of family breakdown, young people can feel that school comes second with what they are facing, so it means that they could missing out on vital information or tips for their exams leaving them unprepared. Isolating themselves from the people closest to them

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