How Police Deviance Affects Many Social Norms, And Theorist

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Many people may disapprove of certain things in life that we may have second thoughts about. Regardless of whether an individual may feel as if they are doing something that is best for them, some people may still dictate an individuals every move. What makes an action or person deviant? The question will always arise many different discussions because of the different norms that we may face within the society, on a daily basis. Deviance is a socially constructed term that may bring about many different definitions over time. In regards to sociology of deviance, the definition may include many factors. Many people usually refer to deviance as the ability to do the right thing or the action that takes place once it occurs. Throughout this case study I will analyze how police deviance affects many social norms, and theorist who examined aspects of some sociological theories. Also I will discuss police crime that does not follow certain norms and expectations of social groups in the world today.
Police Deviance and Ethics
From a police standpoint and societal stand point, police deviance includes many different activities that are inconsistent with social norms. Some social norms that people feel that the police should abide by are simply following the code for ethics. The code for ethics helps people with the understanding of decision making skills, which may appear to be right and wrong, based on their own decisions as a police officer. Police deviance can take place all

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