How Privacy Is A Huge Concern For Many People

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Privacy is a huge concern for many people, when asked, many would say they want to keep their lives private. What they don’t know is their information is being traded and bought, mined from their online activity. There are a variety of uses for the data, from the benign (personalized online advertising), to the unsettling (changing your health insurance cost based on online searches). People can be shocked when they hear this, and that’s understandable. A solution is required, one that allows people that are concerned about privacy to do something about it, while still allowing both the federal government and the private sector to know details about their citizens and consumers they could never know before. The answer is twofold, the first part some websites have implemented already, an opt-out box. A simple option when creating an account to let you choose whether or not to allow the corporations to share your data. The second part is implemented by the government in the form of the Freedom of Information Act, which allows anybody to request for federal agency records, including information the government has on yourself. If corporations want to track you, you should be able to easily see what information they have on you. This should lead to people being more trusting when they know corporations aren’t hiding anything from them. Data mining simply explained is automated sorting and analyzing of large amounts of data, searching for patterns and correlations. On a

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