How Racism Effects American Culture

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How Racism Effects American Culture

Lakia Williams



Dr. Leonid Chernyak

Racism Effects American

Racism is used as a weapon to caues harm, divied people of diffirent ethnic background. Today it still a and is something we 've all witnessed and deal with on a daily basis. Is it ok to discrimination agisnst interracial couples or friends? It is one of the most important social problems of the world. Racism is a weapon of racial profiling, law enforcement plays a big part of racial profiling someone becacuse the color of their skin. What comes to your mind when you hear or think the word racism? It continues to affected many diffirent people in a good and bad way, in all …show more content…

Whites are often represented as the superior race. They often target African Americas without any sort of evidence, also use racial stereotypes to make out a suspects description. This gives a great deal of how dangerous living in a racist white community could be.

Racism becomes the problem revolving around black male is killed by a group of white men or polices without consequence. Kids doesn 't understand why they are treated differently and doesn 't want to back down because of the color of ours skin. "In Camilla, Georgia, a political pogrom in 1871 left over thirty dead; in Opelousas, Louisiana, as many as two hundred died in 1868; and in Colfax, Louisiana at least 105 blacks were killed in 1873, many of them by summary execution after they had surrendered to whites striving to deny them political rights." "(Martin & Sullivan, 2000, p. 627) This gives a great deal of how dangerous living in a racist white community could be. We have to keep a low profile in the white community as to not trigger any alarms that may cause an issue. Blacks were not equal to whites. White people made it clear that they thought they were above the black people and think they deserved better than black people.

Racism still happens today it still exists in school, workforce, and social lives. Many races beside african americas aren 't treated as equals. "Historical research has shown

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