How Sherriff Uses Structure and Language of the Play Journey's End to Unfold the Character of Stanhope

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How Sherriff Uses Structure and Language of the Play Journey's End to Unfold the Character of Stanhope Journeys End shows the negative way and terrible conditions war affects Stanhope and his troops. Although Stanhope is a dedicated officer he is also enigmatic. The structure and language are used in this play to show the way in which war affects soldiers and the changes Stanhope goes through during the war. Life in the 1900's was happy care free and relaxed. People went about their business without a care in the world, towns were full of life. Then, when the war started, shock hit home. All the men disappeared, towns, villages & cities were left, deserted. Rationing began and people soon found …show more content…

"He is still quite the best officer we have" This shows that, despite his drinking problems how well he can command his troops and how well he can handle his drink. He has been commanding his company for a year, longer than most commanders last, and despite being a drunk he still knows what is best for him and his troops. Stanhope is a drunk. We are told this during the conversation between Osbourne and Hardy. "He drinks like a fish" The only reason he turned to drink was because, when he joined he was only 18, fresh from school. He may have thought it was going to be fun when he joined but he soon found out that it was the complete opposite. He drinks to try and escape what he, and his troops, are going through. Stanhope was very young when he joined the army. "He came out straight from school when he was 18 & he has commanded this company for a year" This shows Stanhope is quite an amazing soldier because he has outlived many highly-skilled officers. Even though it might not seem long to us, when you are in freezing temperatures with little food and water and terrible hygiene, a year is seen as a very long time. Also as he came out from school he was very young and was completely unprepared for the effects of war. Stanhope hates "skivers" This is

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