How Social Worker Must Be Responsible For Inspecting A Child 's Safety When Visiting A Home

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Introduction It is a social workers job to ensure that children are safe and protected, especially in their own homes. This means that a social worker must be responsible for inspecting a child’s safety when visiting a home. Last week’s reading by Ferguson, the group article by Cesaroni & Peterson-Badali, along with the class lectures and Fifth Estate documentary provided an excessive amount of information and examples of how social workers need to protect the rights of children. I found this article difficult to connect to as my family has not been involved with social workers, however it did relate to some of my volunteer experience with Children’s Aid Society and I have definitely learned something. With that in mind, in this paper I will discuss Ferguson’s idea of avoiding vs. forgetting and how this has related to my life and situations I have been placed in. I will then discuss the vulnerability of children including Ashley Smith. Finally, I will mention how last week’s lectures and readings have helped shaped my judgments and opinions to help me become a more assertive person. Avoiding or Forgetting? Ferguson (2011) mentioned the idea of avoiding vs. forgetting. He stated that social workers do not usually forget to check areas of the home, instead they avoid checking these areas as they do not want to invade the privacy of the family. I feel that I would do the exact same thing as this because growing up my family had rules about where the members in the house
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