How Society Has Been Impacted by the Increased Availability of Electronic Information - Task G

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How society has been impacted by the increased availability of electronic information Society has been impacted by the increased availability of electronic information in a number of different ways. I am going to talk about how the availability of information affects me and my family, also how it affects society in general and the average individual and to conclude I will talk about individuals and the effect on those who do not have access to IT. Electronic information is available to us via Smartphones, PC’s, PDA’s, Tablets and Laptop’s. There are also advantages and disadvantages of the increased availability of electronic information. The increased availability of electronic information affects me and my family greatly in our day to…show more content…
Society also uses the internet and TV to keep up with what is happening around the world and to have instant access to information, which is not provided in newspapers as information is a day behind, this is also allows people to plan ahead, e.g. London bombings takes place and citizens get information from internet and avoid public transport. Society also use online banking which saves people from having to go to the bank to pay bills, get bank statements (which only come once a month via paper-based documents) companies now also encourage people to pay bills via electronic methods, by making it cheaper in comparison to cheques and money in hand methods. Society also use the internet for entertainment methods such as ‘iPlayer and 40D’ this allows people to catch up with favourite programs after they have been shown on television, this impacts society greatly as it is free and allows people to make plans during favourite television programs and documentaries. Also many companies do not allow you to apply for jobs via handing in a paper-based Curriculum –Vitae document and completing a job application, companies tell you to apply online, this making it essential to have a computer or access to a computer. Also travel information is now available on
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