How Sport Has Changed My Life

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Introduction: Fùtbol or soccer, it doesn’t matter the way you say it, although what it has done for us as humans is very significant. For me soccer is everything I play it, watch it, and talk about it, the sport has led my life since I first gained interest towards it in grade four. There must be a reason why it the most watched sport in the world, it brings everyone in the world together no matter what race, nationality, or gender. Ever since grade six I have been trying to encourage soccer into my projects for school, I haven’t had a chance of properly incorporating my true passion. This is until now, the first time I ever heard of the personal project was the first time I came to Carson Graham. Our school in grade seven brought us to this massive school in which we had no clue about why we were actually there. The first presentation I saw was someone who built a robot that could follow lights for direction. The thought that I had to do this project in grade ten scared me, I had no clue what I really wanted to do. This was until I started thinking about it more and one thought came into my mind, that was to create Goal Line Technology. This form of technology was quite new at the time, this was because they just announced that they were going to start using it in one of the top five leagues in Europe, the first league to incorporate it was the Barclay’s Premier League. My project goal was to create a fully working demo of Goal Line Technology. At first I was scared that I

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