How Hockey Changed My Life

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From the age of three, my life was nothing but Hockey. With a father who was a hockey player and a brother 3 years older already playing hockey, it was clear which sport I was going to get into. Once I started walking, my parents put me on the ice to learn the game of hockey. I instantly fell in love and I have continued playing to this day. Once it came time to play high school hockey, it all got serious. I was a freshman on the varsity team with my brother, who was a senior at the time. This was nothing but an emotional year for me, it was my first year in high school and my last year to play on a team with my brother. Once my brother graduated, he decided to go onto Juniors hockey, which is what I would do once I graduated. By the time I graduated high school, my brother would exceed the age limit for juniors hockey, so …show more content…

There were so many pros and cons to each decision. If I stayed home to continue schooling, I would miss out on the last opportunity to be on a team with my brother again. I might have missed my biggest opportunity to get scouted by colleges and get scholarships. Yet, I would get the opportunity to spend time doing senior activities and create memories. If I had left to play hockey and continued school through online courses I would have to leave my girlfriend and miss out on my senior year and all the activities that come with it. Although, I would be able to experience juniors hockey before most people get the opportunity. I would also get to experience a college lifestyle and develop some independence before enrolling in an actual college. Going back and forth for a week, I finally realized the best decision for me was to chase my dreams and play hockey. I was able to do this by receiving the support I needed from my family, girlfriend, and coaches. Making this decision made my relationships stronger and may have changed the rest of my

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