How Sports And Concussions Have On An Individual And Their Families

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My article covers the very important impact that sports and concussions have on an individual and their families. Head injuries are a very serious problem as described in this article, and to make sure that this problem is understood, we must educate our coaches, and athletes as well as parents, of signs of concussions and head trauma. Throughout this paper I’m going to summarize the article, and then approach it from the stand point of whether or not I agree with what the author is saying, or if I disagree with what the author is saying. The first page of the article talks Technology and how times have juristically changed, as far as health and are ability to fix an injury, and how back in the day injury was seen as weakness. So, it was seen as coach’s prioritizing strength and toughness over injury. (443) It also says in this article “Although man types of injuries have declined as a result of advanced technology and increased awareness, concussions and brain related injuries continue to be an enormous problem in sports”. (443, Key) Youths in the year of 2014, roughly had 173,285 concussions and this was not in one sport, this was in all sports. (443) This just shows that not one sport is responsible for all concussions. In a very important case Mann v. Palmerton Area School District, the victims being the Mann’s, and the defendants being Palmerton Area Schools. The Mann’s were accusing the school district that they didn’t take the right actions when their son was hit

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