How Spousal Selection Impacts An Individual 's Life Long Journey

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The present study is a field research project on how spousal selection impacts an individual’s life-long journey. Three married subjects were examined (1 female, 2 men). The average term of the marriage was 28 years long. The study was conducted in a face to face interview. The results showed that marriage and the selection of one’s partner are imperative to one’s overall happiness. This was consistent with the predictions that spouses are impactful to one 's life. Marriage Today Marriage has different meanings to different people. As I embarked on this research I was excited to hear the stories of the ones who made it for so long. As a matter of disclosure prior…show more content…
Additionally, drugs and alcohol abuse have taken its toll on couples, again being so easily obtained. I believe many see it as just a piece of paper. I no longer believe in the institution of marriage, although, I believe in love. However, it is possible that if I grew up in a traditional family that my thoughts would be different. My first interviewee is Dave, he has been married for 29 years this August. He has only been married once and is 61 years old. He expressed that there are many challenges to being in a relationship and his 3 key challenges are: staying committed in a loveless marriage, find similar interest to maintain a companionship, and the daily struggle to cohabitate when there is no affection. In the beginning, married life was very different. There was an intimacy and common goals that drove the couple down the aisle. They soon had a son and things took a drastic turn. Dave’s wife, Deb, no longer wanted a large family and intimacy soon disappeared. This was devastating for Dave, who had built a huge home and had dreams of having a large family. Currently they are married and live together in a peaceful cohabitating life style. Their only son moved out 6 months ago, creating a bigger gap between the two. Dave was a fireman and was gone a lot of the time. Hence many of the challenges that couples go through were avoided. Furthermore, Deb worked as a teacher and with their schedules they passed in the night

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