How Successful Were Bill Clinton 's Involvements During Cuba And Haiti? Essay

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Introduction How successful were Bill Clinton’s involvements in Cuba and Haiti? The start of Bill Clinton’s presidency is particularly interesting in where it coincides with the timing of the fall of the soviet union; leaving the United States as the sole super power. The whole premise of Bill Clinton’s campaign against George H.W Bush was that he was going to focus on the domestic issues at home rather than foreign affairs. However, The foreign affairs that took place truly shapes modern American foreign policy. I would first assess Clinton’s administration’s actions in both Cuba and Haiti and answer the question on the motivations behind both countries. As I continue my research, I will talk about the similarities between both countries in the administration’s motivations and the message that the administration was trying to deliver to the public. As well as paying particular focus on immigration. Additionally, I will also proceed to talk about the correlation with what unfolded in each country, hoping to answer my research question. Cuba/Haiti Similarities Before indulging in the actions of Clinton’s administration, one must first look into the motivations/reasonings. With the coincidental fall of the Soviet Union, it leaves the United States as the sole superpower. In order for the country to maintain its role in the world, it must not lose control over the western hemisphere. In the cases of Cuba and Haiti, one important similarity to be noted is the close
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