How Technology Has Changed The World Essay

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Technology has changed the way companies approach every aspect of their business. Over the past few years many businesses are trying to figure out how to keep the bricks and mortar alive now that the majority of sales can be made online. Things such as the internet, mobility, and social media has paved new roads and made it easy to operate and compete in a world market. With technology constantly changing and improving the world is forced to rethink their strategies on how to gain a competitive advantage, drive productivity, and profitability through the sales process. They do this by using technological tools to streamline the selling process. The internet gave us data at our finger tips. Revolutionizing the world of the selling process. Today, about forty percent of the world population has access to the internet. In 1995, it was less than one percent. With the amount of data available, companies are able to obtain and analyze information in huge volumes very quickly where in the past it would take weeks or months. Predictive analytics will give a salesman an opportunity to think differently about their selling tactics. Instead of sells magically appearing they can use the math to drive perfection. Using data analytics tools can be costly for companies. The software tools and training can be pricey but if used correctly can produce huge profit margins. Larger companies are adopting these tools to identify what customers to target, how to find similar a
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