How Technology Has Made Individuals Identity More Susceptible From Be Stolen

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In the past several years, technology advancement has made individuals identity more susceptible to be stolen. I find this topic to be very interesting because I have had my identity compromised. Several years ago when I was nineteen I was completing credit reports on several popular credit reporting websites. Each time I would finish answering the questions and putting all of my personal information into the website I would be directed to another questionnaire where I would be asked to list properties that I had owned, if I lived in a certain location, and if I knew certain people. I did not know any of these locations or individuals that the website would list. Being nineteen and naïve I would just take the incident as something being wrong with the website or just a minor error on my part. A few months went by I was filing my taxes like the year previous. I had no problems occur and everything seemed to be good. About a week later I was at work, and the Internal Revenue Service had called. I was extremely nervous. The IRS had called to tell me that my identity needed to be confirmed. I thought this was really strange. So while this was going on my tax return was just at a standstill. I was so aggravated, between the calls with my tax preparer and the IRS, I thought it was never going to be resolved. During this time, my bank had been trying to reach me, but the bank had the wrong information on file. One day I was sent a letter in the mail that informed me that my last

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