How Technology Shapes Health Care Essay

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How Technology Shapes Health Care

Most of us are aware of the inadequacies of health care in the past.It is difficult to think of the old west without being reminded of the danger that bearing children posed to the women who lived during that period of time.A serious lack of knowledge about things such as bacteria, viruses, and the benefits of proper nutrition were to blame for countless unnecessary deaths.During the Civil War many amputations were needlessly performed because the use of simple antibiotics had not yet been made available. Many advances in the medical field have been made due to technology.

The amputation procedure is not at all a recent undertaking of medicine. A 3,000-year-old Egyptian mummy was recently found …show more content…

Computers also allow us to experiment with bionics. Researchers have been able to create a bio-engineered muscle fiber and hope to some day be able to recreate a lost limb with an artificial skeleton powered by lab-grown muscles and controlled by the nervous system (Savage, 2001).

Prosthetics are not the only way that computers have improved the medical field.Major advances have been made in the ability to correctly diagnose and treat health problems.

CT-scans and x-rays allow doctors to see inside the human body in ways that would have been unimaginable fifty years ago.This technology allows the detection of tumors and fractures before invasive surgery, giving both doctors and patients the ability to plan ahead concerning the

course of treatment.The ultra-sound can detect fetal abnormalities and, with the aid of computer enhancement, it is now possible to perform microscopic surgery on an infant before its birth allowing it a much higher chance of survival.

Blood clots can be cleared using a tiny tube monitored by an even smaller digital camera attached to the end of it, and some heart surgeries can now be performed with a pin-hole opening instead of a five inch incision thanks to computer monitoring.

These are some of the obvious ways that computers save lives every day, but there are other less obvious ways that many of us take for

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