How The 2010 Haiti Earthquake Changed My Life

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In January 12, 2010, I encounter a tragedy that had me believe that I wasn't going to see what my life would be like after I graduate college. this unforgettable tragedy was the 2010 Haiti earthquake with a magnitude of 7.0.
The day start like every normal day. I remember waking up at about 7:25 and took a shower after that i put on my school uniform. I remember I had coffee and with a baguette (a long thin French bread made from basic lean dough). Before I left my house, my Aunt called me and give a $1 for lunch which was basically nothing but money is money. I left my house at exactly 8:00 o'clock and arrived at the school right before class started. I was in 6th and if you were in my grade, recess was always at 12:30 for us. That day, at recess I bought a patty with the dollar my Aunt gave me and played soccer with my friends and I remember we made the ball using socks and plastic bags. At 1:15 in the afternoon, I went back to class with my classmate and I remember the first thing the teacher wanted was to take out our homework. I recalled it was a math homework cause Monday homework was
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Back in Haiti if a parent wanted to send his/her children to school, she had to pay a great amount of money. When I came here, the first thing that my mother and some of my family said was that " If you stay in school, you can be whatever you want to be in this world". School was challenging at first because I did not speak the English language but when I started picking up the language, I made sure that I did all my work and learned everything that a subject could offer. I set myself to learn to learn something new everyday because at the end of the day, the stuff you learn or the tragedies that you face are what get you ready to face the reality of the whole

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