How The Email Disrupted Snail Mail

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How the Email Disrupted Snail Mail
Disruptive Technologies

Andrew Lydon
Emerging Technologies CIS 4108
Dave Keble

Andrew Lydon
Dave Keble
Emerging Technologies

Disruptive Technologies: How the Email Disrupted Snail Mail and the Way in Which We Communicate

Introduction Although emails can feel less formal and at times include the use of poorly used grammar resulting in the message not exactly as clear as we would like it, the email revolutionized the way in which we communicate. In the following essay we will touch on how and why the email is creating a new culture within the way we communicate with people. A few of the key points we will touch on are how the speed of communications has greatly increased with the use of email, how the style of communication developed by using much shorter messages, how the cost of sending and of receiving messages has changed, and how far the scope of communication has increased since the introduction of the email.

History Let’s start with what exactly mail and email is. The dictionary describes mail as, “letters, packages, etc., that are sent or delivered by means of the postal system.(” It is documented that the first known piece of mail was delivered in the year 255 BC, this artifact was found in Egypt. Although during times even earlier than this it is a common held belief that postal services were formed to serve the kings and rulers of their time to…
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