How The Ming Dynasty, Incan Society, And Tenochtitlan Society

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Throughout unit two we looked at many different societies, not in Europe. While there were many influential civilizations in Europe during this time, there was also many civilizations making major advancements as well. There were three things that really caught my eye and these were the Ming Dynasty, Incan Society, and Tenochtitlan, the Aztec capital. While all of these may seem different, they have influenced how we live our life today somehow.
I. The Ming Dynasty
The Ming Dynasty ruled China from 1368 to 1644 (Morris). The Ming Dynasty was established by King Zhu Yuanshang, who named the dynasty not after Nohis family but the word ming which can mean “bright” or “luminous” (“The Chinese Ming”). It had a population around eighty-five million making it the largest civilization on Earth. As Professor Clunas points out in the exhibition’s exemplary catalog, everything about it was on a grand scale: “It had a greater land area, bigger cities (and more big cities), bigger armies, bigger ships, bigger palaces, bigger bells, more literate people, more religious professionals.” (Morris). Not only was the Ming Dynasty bigger, it brought many major advances in art, technology, and philosophy during its time. Probably one of the most popular art forms, is the amazing work they could do with blue and white porcelain. They were very skilled in this new art form, and were the only civilization that could make these beautiful pieces. Still to this day, it is hard for anyone

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