How The Rate Of That Ethanol Produces Ethanal By Potassium Dichromate

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This experiment was about determining the rate of that ethanol produces ethanal by potassium dichromate. The ethanol reacts with chromic acid to produce ethanal, and the rate was measured using a spectrophotometer.
Equation: 6 H3O(aq) + 3 CH3CH2OH(aq) + 2 H2CrO4(aq) → 3 CH3CHO(aq) + 2Cr2+(aq) + 14 H2O(l)
Second Order Rate Law: Rate = k[ CH3CH2OH][H2CrO4] This second order reaction behaves like a “pseudo” first order reaction when one of the two concentrations is much greater than the other. In this experiment, the concentration of ethanol was so large compared to that of chromic acid that its change in concentration as the reaction occurred was negligible when compared to the that of chromic acid, thereby creating a “pseudo” first order reaction
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