How The Sexes Communicate With One Another Essay

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How The Sexes Communicate With One Another It has been my own personal experience that men and women communicate differently. This is especially true when put into the context of communication between the two sexes. During my lifetime I have been witness to the different ways in which men and women communicate, and I have decided that communication between the two sexes can be further broken down into types and/or reasons for communication. These types of communication are Professional, Occasional, and Social. From these forms of communication we can further expand which I will do as I come to each scenario. To understand the ways in which men and women communicate we must first understand …show more content…

In the places I have worked, it has been the standard that men are in charge and women are in positions of less responsibility. Not to say that the women's jobs are any less important, just that they are typically not in positions of management. Men in these situations tend to talk to women very differently than men. When listening to men talk to men, there is always a sense of importance to their conversations. However when men talk to women, even when talking about work, their tone is less serious. I have been witness to this phenomenon in an accounting office, a golf course, and an auto plant. All very different yet the communication remains that men address men in a certain way and they address women in another less serious way. The second type of communication between men and women is the occasional conversation. This is a very broad topic that can cover a lot of situations such as talking to someone in class, talking to a girlfriend or boyfriend, or one of many other things. Basically what it falls into is communication between people that is not in a social setting or in a professional setting. The way in which men and women communicate in this situation is the hardest to describe. It is difficult to make any form of generalization because no one really takes to much notice of occasional speech, it is just kind of a natural process. Although very natural there are differences in the ways in which men

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