Sex, Lies, And Conversation Deborah Tannen

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In the essay Sex, Lies, and Conversation Deborah Tannen focuses on the differences and lack of communication between men and women though observations. She came to the conclusion that men were not lacking in their listening, but they were however listening in a different way than the women did. On the other hand, men aren’t the only people that have terrible communication skills. In many ways, these differences between the two genders can cause major conflict when not understood by the opposite side. A few examples of lack of communication may be when women don’t decide where they would like to eat, men who walk away from an argument rather than talking it out, and their decision making processes. The stereotypical mask that covers the female gender is that when asked where they would like to eat, they reply with, ‘I don’t care, wherever you’d like to go.’ Instead of bluntly telling their significant other an actual response. The indirect message often can lead to frustration and/or annoyance for the other person. This response can mean a number of things. For one, the woman may not want to come off as too picky or even they are giving lean way for what you might be interested in, too. However, when suggesting where he might want to go, the woman often says she doesn’t want to go there simply because she is shortening the options without bluntly saying where they want to go. Woman often want the men to think that they care where they would like to go also just so they

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