The Role Of Supply And Demand In The Healthcare Industry

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The supply and demand in the healthcare industry has its impacts daily with all health care organizations. The health care industry is continuously growing with high strides and demands in several areas; such as the following the growing demand of the population, health care professional, technology supplies and materials, marketing efforts, as well the caregivers, and organizations themselves. All of these items come also with the production process and producing them, From century to century we have to pick out battels in ways to improve the health care industry with the supply and demands. Some might even say that the supply and demand is a trickling effect from some many different aspects such as the population growing, new health care reform act, with no one getting denied medical care, people are piling in to health care providers to get services, but unfortunately before and now and the past several years there has been a shortage of health care professionals and it’s only going to get worse. 1900 Blood types were discovered 1928 First antibiotic drug was founded (penicillin) 1949 Vaccine for Polo was founded 1959 Birth control was founded 1967 First heart transplant was successfully performed 1972 Ambulance was first established and used 1977 A test-tube baby was born 1980 Aids was discovered Demand for services in health care -The demand was focusing on the rising health care needs, providing the best quality of benefits, weather that was through individual

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