How The Three Artists ( Michelle Lougee, Andy Goldsworthy, And Hermannsburg Potters

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The aim and intentions of this essay is to compare and contrast how the three artists (Michelle Lougee, Andy Goldsworthy, and Hermannsburg Potters) use their materials to communicate ideas about the natural environment.

Michelle Lougee is a very famous environmental artist, sculptor, and ceramist. She is a member of the Boston Sculptors Gallery, and her artwork has been shown in many New England museum exhibits. She also teaches sculpture, ceramics, pottery, and drawing to adults and children at various local museums. She holds an M.F.A and a B.F.A. from Boston University and lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Her work focuses on the delicate balance between nature versus human society and technology. The contrast of this relationship is explored in both materials and subject matter. The combination of the two factions produce mysterious yet familiar forms. Michelle Lougee strives to replicate the animated quality that all living things possess. She believes that her job as an environmental artist is “to capture that beauty in my work while instilling a message into it.” Michelle Lougee uses a wide variety of naturally found materials from the environment. These materials are very banal. They include clay, papyrus, paper, cloth, plastic, post-consumer grocery bags, and plastic bags. Michelle Lougee’s signature material is the plastic bags as they are symbolic of the harmfulness brought to our environment. You can see her thorough incorporation of plastic bags in her Gyre
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