How The Two Options For Our Project Into One

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Foreword I decided to combine the two options for our project into one. I am doing it on both, Leadership of myself and the company I own.

Captures From the Heart Photography, located in Wilmington DE, serves clients on location only in mainly DE, MD, PA and NJ however other states are offered with exceptions. The company was founded and operated by photographer Heather Szczesiak in 2012. Captures From the Heart Photography is a sole proprietorship and Heather is the sole employee. Additional staff will be hired on a sub contract basis as needed. Captures From the Heart Photography offers a wide variety of full service photography that specializes in mainly Wedding Photography. However, they also offer family photo …show more content…

The first reason, is because I have always loved photography. The next reason was to provide a safety income for my family. “When the physiological needs are reasonable satisfied, needs at the next higher level begin to dominate man’s behavior – to motivate him.” Roethlisberger, 2011)
Since I am the sole employee at Captures From the Heart, I have had to hire multiple contractors on occasions. Early on, I hired a contractor whose work was sufficient for the job I needed her to assist me with. However, her attire was not professional for a wedding. She wore jeans and a tied dyed shirt, with sneakers. I had to think fast as how to rectify the situation, because the person I hired stood out. I didn’t want the bride and groom to feel as if her unprofessionalism would ruin their day or worse hurt my reputation. So, I decided to apologize to the bride for the way the contractor was dressed and I offered her a free wedding album for the inconvenience. According to Patrick Lencioni’s video the Five Dysfunctions of Teams, from the third dysfunction was lack of commitment. Since everyone doesn’t have the same work ethic and may see their job as a paycheck and not a way to help a company succeed. The contractor I had hired clearly didn’t have the same working ethic as I do.
The type of company I want was not met in that instance. After the wedding, I spoke to the contractor and explained their attire was not appropriate for a wedding. They didn’t seem to

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