How The Ussr Is Still Haunting Europe Essay

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How the USSR is Still Haunting Europe

After twenty six years, the nations that were granted independence from the Russian Federation are still dealing with the affects of the fallout; In particular, Russia’s European neighbor, Ukraine. In an article dated September 29th, from the Russian News Agency TASS, it gives an overview of the recent implications of the civil war in the Donbass region. Russia and Germany are urging the Ukrainian Government to follow the Minsk Protocol, in order to keep peace and maintain a working relationship between all the countries listed on the agreement (TASS 2016). There has been constant conflict in the Donbass region since the beginning of 2014, with times of cease-fire, but nothing significant. The conflict is a result of the Russian demographic in Eastern Ukraine, wanting separation from a Western influenced Ukraine. This paper will examine the geographical aspect of this relationship and how it has affected the conflict.

How History and Geography have Played a Role

At the beginning of the twentieth century, a socialist political party, the Bolsheviks, formed the USSR after a five-year power struggle. It brought about a union of many different republics, into one united nation that looked to change the world into a centrally controlled power. Although there were many issues had between the Soviet Union and the rest of the world, it was a key helper to the allied forces in the Second World War. For many years prior to

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