How To Do Wrong In Crito

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In Crito, Socrates understands that it wouldn’t be right for him to escape with Crito and his plan. Socrates has been in jail for a month awaiting his execution. On the day of his execution Crito visits him. Crito comes with the plan for Socrates to escape. Crito is doing this because he doesn’t want to loose a friend and so it does not seem like money is more important than friendship. Socrates being Socrates questions Crito on why he cares about the majority of the opinion Crito says “But you see, Socrates, that the opinion of the many must be regarded, for what is now happening shows that they can do the greatest evil to any one who has lost their good opinion” (pg.) Socrates is afraid that if he escapes with Crito, Crito and his friends will be punished, but Crito assures that will not happen because he plans to pay off informants to put Socrates and friends in exile. …show more content…

Socrates says; “Are we to say that we are never intentionally to do wrong, or that in one way we ought and in another way we ought not to do wrong.” (pg.) Socrates gets Crito to agree with him about wrongdoing, that it is never to be done, but returning a wrongdoing that has been done to one’s self. Everything ends with Crito becoming speechless having no choice but to agree with Socrates that there should be no escape plan, because it would go against anything that is

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