How To Draw A Cyclops

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Five months ago, I discovered my drawing abilities. Now, I will never think of myself the same. Last school year, my social studies class was assigned a project. I had to draw a cyclops for the project, so I looked up a picture of a cyclops.I found a picture of a realistic cyclops sculpture.First, I started drawing the eye of the cyclops. When I was shading the eye to make it look realistic, my friend, Zach, looked at my drawing. “Wow. You don’t even have to trace and it looks amazing!” he exclaimed. “Thanks! It’s actually pretty easy. All to do is shade the edges of the eye so it looks realistic.” “Oh my gosh. I can’t even trace a drawing without messing up,” uttered Zach. A few days later, I finished my drawing and decided to show it to my mom. …show more content…

I got my paper out of my binder to show her the wrinkly, red-eyed cyclops. “Oh my gosh! That’s amazing!” “Thanks…” I was annoyed by how shocked my mom acted. She decided to buy me a sketchbook. One week later, she took me to Hobby Lobby. When we got to the art section, I wandered around and found a maroon sketchbook. I didn’t realize there was a whole section for sketchbooks,so I picked the maroon sketchbook. When I was on my way home, I took out my sketchbook to feel the paper.The paper was way smoother than expected, which made me excited to make my first drawing. The next day, I drew a path full of brown and gray pebbles. It took me a while to decide what to draw on the path, but I ended up drawing a gray stallion. The stallion appeared tired, as if it had been galloping all day. After I drew the stallion, I drew mountains and trees in the background. The trees were far away so they weren’t very detailed. Now, art is a huge part of my life, and I draw everyday.I’m eager to see what impact art has on my

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