How To Fight Against Tyranny Essay

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Tyranny is manifested in many different ways. After a long debate between the men they proceeded to abolish The Articles of Confederation and create a new Constitution. This new set of rules consist of; Balancing Powers from the Large and Small States, Separation of Powers, Checks and Balances, and finally Federalism. How does another piece of paper with different rules guard the United States of America against tyranny? The Constitution created an amazing new setup for the country.
Federalism is the first way that the founding fathers utilized to guard against tyranny. Powers can be given in 3 different ways; to the State, to the Central Government, or to the both of them. In the first document it states the government can control trade, foreign relations, and declare war. Local Government, Schools, and elections are managed by the central government. “The different governments will each control each other, at the same time that each will be controlled by itself.” Madison is attempting to say that central and state governments have the power that they don’t control everything. The national government has the power to help the country’s major needs and the state government utilize the power to help the state’s needs because the states need more specific laws
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Document C explains “the constant aim is dividing and arranging the several offices in a manner as that they may be checks on the others should not be very far separated as have no constitutional control over each other.” This means each branch checks on each other to ensure they have all the same division of power. Powers check each other by using their equal powers and approving the decisions that the other branch has done. If a single branch becomes overpowered, it is possibly considered tyrannical, consequently, one branch has absolute power over the entire government. Finally, using checks and balances help stop tyranny in the United
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