How To Overcome Obstacles

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Everyone faces obstacles one time in their lives, how may we overcome those obstacles? Well, growing up in a small-town name Belle Glade, FL with a single parent of four. Education plays a big role throughout our household. Growing up seeing people getting shot and killed in front of your eyes can be a hard burden on your chest. No one wouldn’t want to experience death or death situations, and struggling at a very young age. Our community receives petite amount of help from the government. Growing up with a single parent was tough, watching your mom struggling to pay the light bill or water bill. My mother did anything it takes to keep a roof over our head to make sure we were harmless. My grandmother and aunts made me the man I am today. Of course, it was…show more content…
It’s takes a mature mind to overcome the obstacles faced in the past to get through them. From playing sports to stay out of trouble, also being racial profiled. Seeing this can wounded watching your friends you knew your whole life being racial profile for being mistaken as a person from a burglary. These things don’t just happen around our community also out of in different cities. It’s like going into a store and being followed around for no parent reason. Many don’t understand what our culture goes through its pain and suffering, but were strong enough to beat the justice system and tackle the obstacles thrown at us. The history of misconception of family history, culture, and our environment has influenced me to the man I am today. Always PUSH never give up on yourself no matter what the problem may be, many want our culture to go senseless and give up on ourselves. I don’t want to be the victim left behind after being racial profile through all times, being followed everywhere I go. It has influence me to Build a ground foundation to travel the world, and speak to everyone around the world; to motivate them to be the best they can be at everything they
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