How To Reverse Discrimination Case Study

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Sport Context: In this case the Plaintiff alleged reverse discrimination when she was not hired for a job at Saginaw Valley State University. The position in which the plaintiff applied was for the Coordinator of Campus Recreation position. According to Pilon v. SVSU & Thompson (2003) the primary job functions for this position are as follows, “Plan, develop, promote, direct and supervise all facets of the Campus Recreation Program and the SVSU Athletic Summer Camp Program.” Other essential roles and responsibilities were, according to Pilon v. SVSU & Thompson (2003), “Plan and implement a program of team and individual intramural sports and indoor/outdoor recreational activities for the entire university community.” The applicant would coordinate all aspects of the SVSU Athletic Summer Camps. They would also be in charge of hiring, training, and assisting all student employees within the recreation facility. They also have the responsibilities of setting up and meet regularly with advisory committee, and also assist with administration of the recreation budget, and inventories. …show more content…

The Plaintiff, Cindy Pilon, felt that she was not considered for the position that she interviewed for because of her race. The position at hand was filled by and African-American male. The defendants moved for a summary of judgment claiming that they Plaintiffs race was not a factor in the decision of the hiring process for that

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