How To Start A Persuasive Essay On Animal Shelter

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Have you ever seen an animal unable to walk because they do not possess the strength to even stand? Have you ever seen an animal’s rib cages sunken in because it’s starving. Sadly hundreds on animals die every day from this disease we call starvation. They do not know what one’s next meal is or where it is coming from, they constantly have to fight and scrounge for one’s food. This is what happens in the wild to our little Mr. Whiskers. This is where the local animal shelter comes in to play, bringing in animals of all sorts and feeding, warming, and housing these poor animals. This community has fought for funding and has paid taxes to get this shelter built; now it is in danger from the lack of food and supplies. We are running out of supplies quicker than we can buy them at the shelter. Do the people have a warm spot for animals? Which is why the shelter asks you to be the heroes to these animals and donate some …show more content…

But with the funding cut we might be forced to shut our doors for good. Some of the animals would go to the county shelters around us, but most would be let back into the environment that they were caught in. That would mean they have the possibility of turning Ferrell, catching diseases and giving those to humans. Rabies is on an all time rise nowadays and is a painful disease to deal with. The last reason for donating is a thing you visit daily . . . home. Imagine living on the street eating others and fighting for that food. Animals are homeless just like homeless people and need a home to be nurtured and prosper in. Giving a homeless man a place to stay can help him get his life on track, Adopting a pet on the other hand can get your life on track and bring you and your family the happiness they deserve. Pets are like the best kind of therapy a person or other anima can have, they even know how you’re feeling and if you’re

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