How To Stop Police Brutality

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According to The Law Dictionary, police brutality is defined as “ the use of excessive and/or unnecessary force by police dealing with civilians. When cases of police brutality arise it is often publicized and seen in the media. The video provided for this discussion showed many cases of unethical and horrendous police behavior, but I would like to bring up two more. In 2004, Frank Jude and Lovell Harris were leaving a party when off-duty police officers approached them claiming they had stole an officer's wallet containing their badge. The officers then proceeding to beat the individuals. Harris was able to get away with cut on his face caused by a knife, but Jude was not so lucky. Jude was punched, kicked, had his head stomped on, and was …show more content…

What can we do to stop police brutality and misconduct? I believe there is nothing we can do to out right stop police brutality, though, I do believe we can control/reduce it. The books brings up strengthening the Internal Affairs Bureau (IAB) and I completely agree. If the IAB were to investigate claims of police misconduct faster, guarantee consequences/punishment if misconduct is found, and raise funds and amount of IAB agents, police brutality can be reduced.
I also think that police culture should be fixed in order to reduce police brutality. Contrary to many rap songs and movies not everyone hates the police.I and many people completely support the police and realize without them the streets would be an even more chaotic, dangerous

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