How To Survive Tornadoes

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The alarm sounds and hear the crackling, like popcorn. It is hard to move, hard to think, hard to speak. Tornadoes cause a lot of stress and are very hard to escape. It is very possible to survive. There are ways to survive tornadoes and we’ll go through them right now. Firstly, what are tornadoes and how are they created. Tornadoes are rotating columns of air. They can be very dangerous. Warm moist air from lower parts of the world collide with cold dry air to make a supercell. The supercell has a lot of wind and is a horizontal column of air. Then, with difference in the airs speed, it causes updraft, now forming as a Tornado.
Now, who is affected by it? Well the answer is the Middle East part of America or in science terms, Tornado Alley.

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