How To Write A Narrative Essay On Cast Net Fishing

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Bait fishing for Shad with a Cast Net
After having to purchase bait fish for many years, I decided to get a cast net and try to catch my own shad for bait fish. It was an interesting, awkward and frustrating challenge for a while. I got wet, slipped and nearly fell a good many times. Thinking this through thoroughly, and understood that through perseverance and labor I could catch my own shad with a cast net. However, I was unacquainted with what to have for proper equipment or how to throw the net or where to catch the shad.
The first thing I needed to attempt this new undertaking was a cast net. So I borrowed a six foot cast net from a friend and took it and an empty bucket to Black Point in the Coal Hill bottoms. The water was calm and smooth like glass and there was plenty of room to swing a net. Smiling as I went, I thought, “With this big net I will catch more shad.” I definitely had that idea all mistaken. Being short in stature and pretty strong, however, after many attempts of casting the net, it never did form a circle it continually tangled upon itself. I didn’t catch any shad either. On a few occasions my footing slipped and I practically went for a swim in the river. After casting or attempting to cast the net for about an hour, I laid the net down shaking my head in frustration. Un-lady like
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Being more organized and proficient at throwing my cast net, now I can go and capture my own shad for bait without purchasing it. With shad fishing with a cast net I have acquired delight in doing it. At times I gather several shad and sell them to the local bait shop as they need it. The enjoyment of bait fishing for shad with my cast net is an internal reward as well as visible reward. Even with the saturated clothes, aching muscles and the frustration, the outcome has made entire the endeavor
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