How To Write A Narrative Essay On The Great Gatsby

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“And I like large parties. They’re so intimate.” -Daisy Buchanan, The Great Gatsby

The window seat of an airplane has become a representation of complete freedom to me in the past few years. I have been making the flight from Dallas to LA and vice versa on my own around ten times a year ever since I turned ten. I now find myself more comfortable nestled between a window to the open sky and a sleeping stranger than in my own bed. This “in-between” place between homes, between states, between time zones, is so short-lived that it frees you from living by what you think you know of yourself. Every preconceived notion my family or friends have about me, good or bad, disappears. I have always been looking for something to match that feeling of …show more content…

One woman, exasperated by our five-hour delay, demanded the flight crew give her free alcohol for her troubles. Another time a kind geography teacher seated to my right opened my eyes to the fascinating world of global population-growth and its impact on the planet. In both cases though, those brief interactions allowed me to comprehend the particular intimacy found when knowing only a few things about another person and having no previous behaviors to compare those actions to. Those fleeting moments and interactions on solo plane rides allow me to free myself from my own preconceived notions of what others would think of me and live as myself
Throughout middle school I struggled to replicate that freedom in my daily life. One day, while we were watching Life is Beautiful in freshman film class, the teacher completely shocked me out of my “in-between” state when she paused the movie, flipped on the lights, and told everyone class was over. I had completely forgotten that I was even in class. Something clicked in that moment where film stopped being just a fine arts’ credit and became my way to reproduce the same momentary escape from life I had found travelling alone on

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