How To Write A Narrative Report On Your Ulnar Collateral Injury

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Hunter Little 4th hr Rector When was the last time you thought about your ulnar collateral ligament? Have you ever thought about stretches you should do for your elbow and arm before throwing anything? How about what even makes your elbow work? These are things I never took into consideration before my injury. In 2011 I was thirteen years old. This is when I first hurt my elbow. I was thirteen and pitching for my competitive team. The reason for my first injury and the pain in my elbow was my growth plate in my elbow. The tendon in your elbow (Ulnar Collateral Ligament), connects to two locations and one of the those spots is your growth plate. I separated that plate. I went onto play my 2011 season, only to take three…show more content…
That was until April of 2015 that changed. On April 11th of 2015 my third personal game pitching was against bishop Kelley. I would only go out to throw two pitches and feel a “pull” in my arm. A sting and sharp pain followed on the next few pitches. I would go onto finish the inning and told my coaches and was pulled from the game. I would go to the doctor the next day and be told that I strained my UCL. I would then take three months off from throwing period. I would come back in three months and go back to pitching. I would only throw one or two innings here and there coming back off of my injury. I was in my fifth game pitching from three month leave. I went into relieve a game in the fourth inning. I would go onto throw about eight pitches when I felt the familiar “pull” in my arm. I would go to throw two more pitches and have the same sharp stinging pain to follow. I pulled myself from the game. I would go to the doctor and find out that I had torn my UCL almost completely in half, to the point where it would need to be reconstructed. I would then undergo a surgery called ulnar collateral ligament reconstruction, also known as (Tommy John surgery). I will now take three months of physical therapy and have a nine month total recovery time. I am currently only two months
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