How To Write A Personal Statement For Social Work

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I am applying for this course because, from a young age I have always wanted to make a difference in people's lives. I have worked with children, young adults and the elderly for 4 years. It was through this experience that I discovered that I enjoyed working with a vulnerable client group. This experience gave me the motivation to want to study Social Work. I have worked in multi disciplinary teams (MDT) which included other health care professionals that include doctors, teachers, nurses and physio-therapists to name a few. The experience I gained taught me how to support a client in a person centred way maintaining their individuality and dignity. I learnt how to problem solve, confidently contribute in meetings which concerned the client and their well being. I used the client's care plan, preferences as well what I knew about the client to contribute. This helped me sharpen the frame of what would be expected of me in the future once I become a social worker.

Being employed at The Children's Trust Tadworth gave me an opportunity to improve my practical skills. These included meeting personal care needs, administering medication and accurate record keeping. I learnt a lot observing client and carer interaction, especially the many ways communication can be adapted as well the use of specialised …show more content…

It helped me prepare for higher education by improving my writing, presentation and analytical skills. In Social Work practice, I enjoyed learning about what my responsibilities are. I have great understanding of being non-judgemental, the anti-oppressive practice and how the Code of Practice guides social workers. I can define a 'need' using the different theories. I also learnt about the welfare state and its role in our communities. In Psychology I gained a better understanding of the motivations behind human behaviour. I found these classes thought

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