How To Write A Self Critique

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Well, in my first self critique, I commented about how I did really good on the preparation stage. I had a solid outline, practiced the speech out loud (excessively), and so on. I think that as a whole, I still feel the same way. I like getting things done in advance and I like feeling prepared for all assignments, regardless of how major they may be. That’s just how I’ve always been, so everything I said in the past is still applicable. Actually, I think I’ve gotten a better grasp for how long speeches are as I write them. I mentioned in my first self critique that my unedited personal narrative was ~13 minutes due to a whole lot of unnecessary details that I couldn’t see until I practiced it aloud. For the record, my part of the group speech also started out a few minutes over the recommended…show more content…
I do recall cutting things out as I wrote the speech and telling myself that I wouldn’t have time. I also mentioned in the past how my physical performance was solidly average for my personal narrative. Watching this speech, I’d say that I improved a little. It’s not great and still not particularly noteworthy, but I think there’s less nervous gestures and more purpose behind what I’m doing. I’m well aware of the fact that I had to crank volume up to 75% to even hear myself on the recording, so I’m going to go ahead and say that I didn’t fix the volume problem. I’m not surprised though; that’s been prevalent my whole life and one semester won’t change all that much. There was one other noteworthy improvement though, and that was that I was considerably less nervous for this speech. I was a bit frazzled, but I didn’t lose too much sleep. It’s amazing because I actually didn’t get this done as early as I wanted (read: I prefer doing things a month in advance) because I was bedridden the entirety of break, so I didn’t get to practice aloud until a few days before my
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