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I am privileged to return to the work environment at Northwell Health to further broaden my knowledge of the emergency room as well as the complexities involving a hospital system. Prior to my job as an Academic Associate, I had no exposure to administrative tasks, and simply assumed I lacked the aptitude to complete the necessary duties. Yet, from working with physicians to plan continuing medical education conferences and grand round series, I see how I am able to incorporate my interpersonal and organizational skills to coordinate these conferences. I am able to think creatively and analytically, working with physicians on research projects such as medical use for drones and CPR initiatives. In addition, I am a project coordinator for …show more content…

In an encounter during high school with a teacher’s aide that used derogatory words and said something hateful about gay people, I was conflicted by my respect for authority and my belief in standing up for one’s own values. I had to be respectful and handle it in a different way than I would with my peers. My teacher in the room didn’t know how to properly handle the situation, despite him being a compassionate person. I was left feeling alone in a situation where I should have received additional help. When I arrived home and discussed with my moms what had happened, their response was different than I expected. They explained to me that my ability to assess the situation beyond my initial emotional response was admirable. I took from this an opportunity to bridge the gap between feeling and acting, determined to make an impact through simple communication. Supported by my high school principle, I researched the topic, created and presented a multimedia workshop to the Roslyn School District faculty discussing positive interventions for LGBTQ youth facing discrimination. The purpose of the training was to increase awareness of LGBTQ youth, to identify language that supports inclusion, and to offer interventions that address bias and discrimination in school settings. Growing up, I always wondered what

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