How To Write An Essay About African American Education

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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world,” said Nelson Mandela.
Education is the foundation and building blocks to a successful and joyous life. With an education, you gain helpful knowledge, can attend different levels of school, earn a good living, and relish your life. But, here is the issue: African Americans find it tough to get a great education for various reasons ranging from our location to our environment. Another obstacle that restricts us from obtaining an education is racism and inferiority. It is widely said that, "Black intelligence is the most feared thing in the world". Because of this fear, others contribute less to black schools, make schools expensive, and sometimes make stricter requirements for admittance to great schools.
The statistics, facts, and trends prove how the lack of great schools take a toll on our future education and our careers. According to, 69 percent of …show more content…

On the flip side, whites have the lowest at 4.1% and Hispanics have a rate at 6.2% (Bureau of Labor Statistics).
Blacks can earn an average salary of $35,000 and Asians have the highest at $74,000, according to the Census Bureau. Because we cannot attend excellent schools and grasp a quality education, our high school graduation rates are the lowest and our salaries are horrible. But, this is not always the case!
On a good note, African Americans have the highest college attendance rates of 2014 at 70.9%. This is excellent compared to whites at 67.3% and Hispanics at 65.2%. These numbers came from a data report published also by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
In conclusion, I cherish an exceptional education and the opportunity for a triumphant future. I believe that we should take advantage of the fantastic schools that we are able to attend because at one time we couldn't. We should strive for excellence and work to obtain a finer

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