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Assignment 402
Delivering Education and Training

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” Mandela, N (n.d.)

As a teacher when delivering any lessons planned we have to make sure that each students individual needs are met, so they will feel included in the lesson. “Inclusion is about creating interesting, varied and inspiring learning opportunities for all learners, ensuring all learners contribute and are never disadvantaged by methods, language or resources” Wilson (2008).
There are numerous ways of meeting a student’s individual needs. These can be by differentiated tasks which will be linked to their individual education plans. (See IEPS include). Other ways can be giving some students who it …show more content…

In group discussions with the students I teach, I have found that they prefer this method of teaching as they can visualise the lesson, which enables them to understand it better. Recently we have been looking at cells, tissues and organs. I used Power point to begin the lessons with, asking questions and encouraging students to ask questions back. I also make sure there are plenty of hand-outs which they can use to complete the work set. I try and make all the work set and hand-outs as visual as possible to capture and hold their imagination. Using technologies in the classroom can be a great asset to all teaching methods as the internet can open up whole new worlds for students. They can help students who struggle with conventional teaching to adapt and move forward with their learning. The Power points and hand-outs can only be used to a certain extent and find that not having interactive whiteboards can sometimes stifle the learning. We only have a small computer suite and this has to be booked in advance so all these can hinder the students. As some of the students we work live in children’s homes or with foster carers we have to restrict what they can access on the internet for child protection. This then can cause problems with the likes of youtube, facebook and twitter as access is denied. As well as working with professionals

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