How Victor Frankenstein Changes

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The Novel ‘Frankenstein; or, the Modern Prometheus’ by Mary Shelley you would have noticed that there is a significantly amount of action and change through the course of the novel. As we read the novel, I had notice that Victor Frankenstein's plans and goals had changed as the novel came to an end. The Novel takes place in the Frozen Wastelands in the 1800s. Victor Frankenstein was born in Naples, and moved to Geneva with his family when his brother William was born. Nowhere in the novel is the setting more significant than in the Arctic scenes, where the novel begins and ends. Victor has quite literally chased his monster to the ends of the earth, then finally the monster ends up killing himself. Throughout the course of the novel by Mary Shelley, Victor changes his plans and goals by beginning, middle, and end of the novel. When reading the the first few chapters Victor explains and shows emotions towards science. According to page 12 of chapter 2, it says “...On this occasion a man of great research in nature philosophy was with us, and …show more content…

According to page 76 in chapter 10 “...that I could, with the extinction of your miserable existence, restore those victims whom you have so diabolically murdered!”, this shows how angry he was to the monster. By knowing and reading this you can notice and get a sense of feel of how Victor was now starting to regret creating the monster. On page 79 in chapter 10 it says “ Why do you call to my remembrance,” I rejoined,” circumstances of which I shudder to reflect, that I have been the miserable origin and author? Cursed (although I cursed myself) be the hands that formed you! You have made me wretched beyond expression. You have left me no power to consider whether I am just to you or not. Begone! Relieve me from the sight of your detested form.”, this shows how he feels now that he has seen what the monsters has

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