How Weapons Have Changed Warfare

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Since prehistoric times humans have learned to build and use weapons. The first archeological evidence of the use of blunt weapons and spears was around 400,000 BC (, “Timeline: Weapons Technology”, Michael Marshall, July 7, 2009). Most of these were built for hunting and gathering food and to defend themselves against large, fierce animals. It was a matter of survival. Eventually humans turned these weapons on each other. The first organized record of warfare comes from Greek and Roman times (Griess, Thomas: Ancient and Medieval Warfare. Page 1, 1984). Since then, weapons have advanced steadily over the years. Each new significant advancement has changed the way battles are fought. As described below, these weapons changed warfare during ancient times, the 20th Century, and during the modern day. …show more content…

When used side by side with other members of a formation called the “phalanx”, the long spear made it very difficult for opposing attackers to get close enough to cause any significant injury. (Griess, Thomas: Ancient and Medieval Warfare. Page 3-4, 1984). This weapon and tactic made the Greeks extremely difficult to defeat.
During the 100 Years War between England and France, the longbow was crucial to insuring English victory. These weapons were around six feet tall and weighed about 100 pounds. They could shoot arrows over 270 yards (, Oct 8 2015. Daniel Cybulskie. “Why was the Longbow so Effective?”). This increased range allowed the English to kill French soldiers from much further away. It also neutralized the French cavalry by forcing them to dismount from their horses or be killed by a rain of incoming heavy arrows (, Oct 8 2015. Daniel Cybulskie. “Why was the Longbow so

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