How Women Should Act And Look Essay

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Women have had the continuous problem of being seen as second hand citizens to their counterparts, men. In today’s society it is easy to find women depicted in negatives ways constantly in the media. All you have to do is a movie, read a magazine, or be scrolling down your social media timeline to see examples the way women are portrayed in today 's media. If you look at television and movies where woman have roles, they often come second to men. The way women are presented in the media is that of being sexual, submissive to men, and having unrealistic beauty standards. For propaganda to constantly be showing these negative images and ideas about how women should act and look is damaging to the women who constantly have to see it. Not only does it hurt women but the men who see these portrayals are also negatively affected. Men believe what they are being shown by these advertisements and expect it from real women. Constantly being brainwashed by these images on a daily basis and ideas on how women should act and look carry over into real life and affects the ways in which men and women conduct themselves. Both Jean Kilbourne, in her article “Two Ways Women Can Get Hurt”, and Taylor M. Chapman, in her article “Women in American Media: A Culture of Misperception” discuss the negatives of women being portrayed in negative manners by the media. The media’s main goal is to make money, with little regard to how they do it or who is affected by their actions. The media only
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