How an Effective Decision Making Process Could Have an Impact on an Organization’s Success

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Topic: While Managers do not control many factors affecting the success of their decisions, they do have substantial control over the process they use to make decisions. Discuss how an effective decision making process could have an impact on an organization’s success. You need to evaluate the process and show how it relates to the success of an organization. Everyone goes through similar decision-making processes umpteen times every day, regardless of their position in the organization. From the ground up - the security guard who needs to decide whether a person is authorized to enter the premise, to the top management, who at times must decide whether it is the time for the company to expand its market. A good…show more content…
An employee without any job security will definitely not perform efficiently, they will also look to leave the organization for a better and more secured one at the earliest possible time. According to Maslow's Hierarchy-of-needs theory, if the very basic need of an employee is not satisfied (in this case, survival), then the employee will not be motivated to put in more effort and work towards the next level of need. An organization which sticks through thick and thin with its employees, will instilled loyalty into the employee. The employee will feel secured, knowing that if the company were to experience a rough patch, their livelihood will still be safeguarded. Such employees will be motivated to work harder for the company, to rough it out with the organization that had stick with them in hard times. Although both methods can solved the problem, however with each solution, different effects were triggered. The second alternative will definitely be better than the first, as it brings about more benefits than detriments. In this way, we can say the first alternative is not a good decision, but not to the extent of a wrong one. Alternative Two, is the better solution, compared to the first and so ultimately, is the right decision. If the organization decides to train and upgrade the existing pool of employees, who should they send for the upgrading? If let's say, that the company can't afford to send all its staffs due to
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