Mgmt 330 Midterm Exam Essay

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Question 1 ______________ involves assembling and coordinating organizational resources. a) Controlling b) Planning c) Organizing d) Leading e) Quantifying Question 2 Goodwill stemming from social relationships is called a) social empathy. b) social capital. c) emotional intelligence. d) emotional capital. e) empathetic goodwill. Question 3 Lower-level managers who supervise the operational activities of the organization are called a) frontline managers. b) middle managers. c) top-level managers. d) tactical managers. e) strategic managers. Question 4 The President of Delta Design, LLC attended the opening ceremony for a customer's new office complex. Which of Mintzberg's roles was the President playing in this situation? a) Leader b) …show more content…

Managers cannot be sure how much time, energy, or trouble lie ahead once they start working on the problem.

Question 16 Managers who optimize their decisions will attempt to choose a) the first minimally acceptable alternative. b) among those alternatives with variable results. c) the least expensive alternative. d) that alternative that produces the least conflict. e) an alternative that achieves the best possible balance among several goals.

Question 17 The manager of the Capitol Restaurant noted that the restaurant had experienced a decreased number of evening customers. The manager promptly ordered the chef to rewrite the evening menu. Customer feedback later indicated that the problem had not been the menu but poor service from the wait staff. The manager's decision to have the menu revised suggests that he failed to a) identify the problem. b) evaluate the alternatives and consequences. c) properly diagnose the cause of the problem. d) evaluate the decision and its consequences. e) identify a solution. Question 18 Characteristics of managerial decisions include which of the following? a) Success b) Certainty c) Convention d) Lack of structure e) Speed Question 19 Advantages in using a group for decision making include

a) intellectual stimulation b) domination by one member for leading the discussion c) groupthink d) satisficing e) goal displacement

Question 20 The state that exists when decision
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