The Spread Of Islam In Anatolia, Greece, And India

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In its Golden Age, Islam’s influence reached all the way to Spain, Anatolia, West Africa, and India, among other regions. While these regions were all, in a way, united under a common religion, each of them both altered and were altered by Islam in their own unique ways. Although there were similarities that existed with the spread of Islam to each of those places, many more differences prevailed. Differences and similarities existed in the forms of the role of migration, role of trade, role of cultural exchange, methods of conversion to Islam, and the unique cultural developments in each region.
Migration and trade both played a crucial role in the spread of Islam. In Anatolia and India, Muslims invaded and, although the Islamic population was the minority in India due to a lack of trade, it quickly became the majority in Anatolia, resulting in that area becoming the …show more content…

One prominent example of this is the “Africanizing” of Islam in West Africa. This unique cultural development occurred because Islam was implemented in Africa through trade and not force, so many aspects of the religion were up to interpretation by the locals. Still, since only people from cities and towns practiced Islam, as there was no thorough religious transformation here, laws weren’t based off of Islam and other religions were tolerated. Similarly in Anatolia and India, local cultures merged with Islamic traditions to create an entirely different culture. For example, women’s rights in Islamic Anatolia were much better than in other Islamic areas, as Turkic people treated women as equals to men. This unique development distinguished Anatolia from other Islamic regions. In India, a brand new religion called Sikhism formed which blended the traditions of Hinduism and Islam. Sikhism was similar to Islam in that it believed in devotion to one god but also took inspiration from

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