How the Earth Was Made

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The three myths Chinese, African, and Norse have the same way of the earth being made because they all have it that men made the earth.
This story has it that the heaven and earth were integrated into one body that reminds you of an egg, that Pangu slept inside. He slept for about 18,000 years and then woke up. He noticed that he was in a vast of dark; therefore, he made his hands huge and cut into the darkness. After an explosion, heaven and earth started to split. He was scared that the heaven and earth may go together again, so he held the heaven with his hands and carefully walked on land. His body grew three meters every day. therefore, the distance between heaven and earth became three meters longer every day.
Another 18,000 years passed and now heaven became far away from the earth and the earth was now very thick. At the same time, Pangu also grew to be a huge man. During this time, heaven continued ascending and expanding while the earth sinking and getting thicker until the distance between them was as far as 90,000 kilometers which had reached the extreme. That was the situation of the universe in our eyes at current time. Pangu gradually got weaker after he separated heaven and the earth. After he died his body turned into all the things in the universe. His left eye became the sun and his right eye, the moon.
The protruded parts in his body turned out to be high mountains and his blood became rivers. His muscle became the soil field, and his hair and beard

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