How the Houson Chronicle Forces Readers to Think About the Educational Agenda in Texas

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It is common knowledge that the education system in America needs work and that Texas is not exempt from this need. The Houston Chronicle has published numerous articles on the subject that address both the need for change and show what Houston has done to grow. As The Houston Chronicle releases its media agenda it is not forcing its readers to think a certain way but instead is presenting an issue in order to spark opinion forming thoughts. The articles all share a common thread of attributes that help develop the agenda for the reader. The eventual outcomes for the public differ based on who the reader is and what their current lifestyle is.
In most of the articles published by The Houston Chronicle the key attributes that are addressed …show more content…

The goals of all these articles seems to be getting the general public interested in the education of our youth to help them achieve more in life. Each article presents the problem and follows the steps to develop a solution. These possible solutions serve as the final agenda that The Houston Chronicle hopes the reader will think about and develop an opinion of.
As the general public reads these articles there are three primary outcomes that they could have: support, disinterest, or opposition. In Fikac’s article covering Davis’ plan for increased education spending we see the two extreme points of view. Davis with the support of the Democrat party supports increased incentives for qualified students to enter the field of education along with increased pay to teachers who are getting the desired results all while hopefully not increasing the current tax rate. The Republicans argue that Davis’ math makes little sense and that it is not possible to spend more without increasing taxes. (Fikac, 2014) When the public reads this article the media will have fulfilled their goal of getting the audience to think about the subject. The outcome will be dependent upon the reader’s views and expectations of the government in regards to education. The outcome is also dependent on the reader’s lifestyle. A person with multiple school age children will be more prone to considering The Houston Chronicles agenda then a

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